Speaking of stories, here's mine...

While ideas drive creativity and innovation, words are the powerful and persuasive tools we use for shaping the identities that make us stand out in a diverse and evolving world. 

And in that world, words are my playground, and I love to play! I pride myself on crafting compelling content that captivates readers and grabs their attention from the get-go.

My journey as a writer began when I launched a career as a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times covering local government and education. 

Soon, my inspiration turned from reporting the news to a drive for wanting to help shape it. So, I applied the political science degree I earned from the University of Cincinnati and made the shift from journalism to politics. 

After spending several years as a campaign manager and political operative for multiple local and statewide races throughout California, I returned to my pen (or my keyboard).

Since then, I've been helping people craft their messages and tell their stories for more than a decade. 

From fledgling startups to worldwide Fortune 500 companies and brands, I've proudly and successfully served them all.

Whether it's creating engaging website copy, persuasive marketing materials, or polished blog posts, I wield the wordsmithing superpowers that can sharpen any message make any brands shine like a glow stick in a pitch-black room.

Don't let your words fall flat! Let's create the next chapter of YOUR story.