Meet the Man Behind the Pen

While our ideas drive our creativity and innovation, words are the powerful, persuasive tools we use for shaping the identities that make us stand out in a diverse and evolving world. 

A newspaper reporter and campaign operative turned marketing copywriter and content creator, I've been helping people craft their message and tell their stories for more than a decade. From fledgling startups to worldwide Fortune 500 companies and brands, I've served them all.
  • (B2B) and (B2C) content
  • Long-form and short-form assets
  • Print and digital media
  • Web copy
  • Scriptwriting
  • Sales and marketing assets
  • Thought leadership assets
  • Internal and corporate communications
  • Editing for AP and Chicago Manual styles

As a creative communicator and master storyteller, I blaze a trail down the digital marketing superhighway, wielding the wordsmithing superpowers that bring brand identities to life.