His ability to get his head wrapped around the ins and outs of B2B technology marketing was a real plus -- no easy task. His assigned work always came back with multiple options/approaches as he considered all the possible angles.

Don Wade - Creative Director for Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies

He had a drive for getting the story and was instrumental in communicating our field successes throughout our organization and the industry...He always came ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work.

William 'Chip' Bridgeman - Global Marketing Director for Drilling Services, Weatherford International

He worked hard, kept his focus, and completed projects on time. He was an important member of our public affairs team and an all-around good guy. Thumbs up!

Jeffery Adler - President at Adler Public Affairs

His determination and firm understanding of the issue made him an ideal field director for the No on Prop 68 campaign. He excelled at engaging a diverse group of key elected officials and community stakeholders throughout Southern California and was able to successfully obtain their support for our efforts.

Brandon Stephenson - Chief Strategic Officer at Cerrell Associates Inc.

His work was consistently lively and well-researched. He put important information in the proper context so readers knew why the news was of importance to them and brought a fresh voice to every subject he approached with an engaging, conversational style.

David Silva - Editor at the Los Angeles Times